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Hello from the Kestrels! 


We are a mixed Year 5/6 class with 30 children. 

 Our teachers are Mrs Meeds and Mrs Cook

Mrs Clifton and Mrs Gurney are our Teaching Assistants. 


​Terrific Science Investigation

On Tuesday 7th February years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a national investigation.  They were investigating to find out whether warm or cold water froze first and their results have been sent to help further scientific learning at the University of Southampton.

They were investigating something known as the ‘Mpemba Effect’ where a boy from Tanzania found that warm ice cream froze quicker than cold ice cream.  Throughout the UK, various schools are carrying out controlled comparative tests to test this phenomenon and we can now compare our results on the following link:

Terrific Science Map

So have a look and see if you can find Staplecross on the map!​



Our topic this term is World War 1 and World War 2 click on the link to the right to find out what we will be learning in the next two terms. 

Here are some photos from our trip to The Imperial War Museum.


 Imperial War Museum Slideshow


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kestrels 2015-2016 

 This term our topic is the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

Harry B viking boat.JPG Fynn Morris lego viking boat 1.JPG 

       Lucy Barber viking portrait.JPG


Last term we learnt about the Aztecs


Ayesha mask.JPG Harry G mask.JPG

Autumn 15 classroom (3).JPG 

Autumn 15 classroom (6).JPG 

Autumn 15 classroom (9).JPG 

Autumn 15 classroom (8).JPG 

Autumn 15 classroom (10).JPG 

Autumn 15 classroom (11).JPG 

Last year we were learning about the Rain Forest 

image[2].jpeg image[4].jpeg image[1].jpeg

 Our classroom


Being Rural Arts Project - March 2015

Take a look at the video containing some examples of work from our Arts Project. Please come along and look at our outdoor gallery on Friday 27th March.












Mrs J. Meeds                                                        Mrs C. Cook
Staplecross MC Primary School​                        Staplecross MC Primary School​