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​​​​We are the Kingfishers!

Kingfishers Class has 17 year 4 pupils.

Miss Blake is our Teacher and Mrs Davis is our Teaching Assistant.



East Sussex Explorers - Terms 5 and 6

Topic page overview - East Sussex Explorers 1.doc

​​Well what a fantastic sunny day we had in Hastings visiting the ever famous St Clements Caves to learn about their use throughout History in particular ... Smuggling!  We learnt so much and will be using this enrichment activity to create a piece of non-fiction writing in our literacy lessons.



​In term 3 and 4 is we are studying 'Amazing Africa' where so far we have been:

  • Making salt dough physical maps,
  • Learning about the water issues in Africa and using computers to create leaflets to present our understanding,
  • Carrying out research and creating information pages to form a class book about the different countries within Africa,
  • Using watercolour to create sunset washes to illustrate our writing based on the class text 'The Village that Vanished',
  • Descriptive writing about the African Rainforest,
  • Investigating the 'Mpemba Effect' and carrying out an experiment with year 5 and 6 where we enter and compare science data with other schools in the UK!
  • Learning and creating our own African inspired dances!
  • Learning about TingaTinga Paintings
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • QUEX PARK - Thursday 9th March
  • Well what a fantastic day we all had at the amazing Quex Park! There was so much to see and do, with the children creating their own African Adrinka block printed textile piece as well as learning so much about the African animals collected by Percy Powell-Cotton!​

  • IMG_3600.JPGIMG_3633.JPGIMG_3550.JPGIMG_3651.JPGIMG_3626.JPG

​Terrific Science Investigation

On Tuesday 7th February years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a national investigation.  They were investigating to find out whether warm or cold water froze first and their results have been sent to help further scientific learning at the University of Southampton.

They were investigating something known as the ‘Mpemba Effect’ where a boy from Tanzania found that warm ice cream froze quicker than cold ice cream.  Throughout the UK, various schools are carrying out controlled comparative tests to test this phenomenon and we can now compare our results on the following link:

Terrific Science Map

So have a look and see if you can find Staplecross on the map!


The Natural History Museum

Volcanoes and Earthquakes Trip  - Tuesday 11th October

What a fantastic day we all had today at The Natural History Museum learning about volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks and fossils!  The children were all super stars reading about lots of information and generally being very enthusuasitic about the whole day! Thank you to our amazing adults who came to help out!

 Natural History Museum

This terms topic is The Wild, Wild West and we have already had a fantastic start with some super homework from the Summer!


Below are some of the fantastic pieces of homework that have been coming in already this term!

Harvey's Poster.pngJulia's Homework.pptx ZUZUS POWERPOINT SHOW.pptxJacob's Powerpoint.pptx




We have been earning Superheroes for our class reward by working together as a team. 

Every Monday the children award themselves Dojos for 4 or more reads at home and we receive stars for super work throughout the week!

STAR WRITER - The children are writing super pieces of writing in order to earn a special pen for the day!

Star of the Week: Two children are nominated by the class teacher and the teaching assistant every week and awarded a trophy and a certificate in the Golden Assembly.

Special Person: Every child gets to become the special person of the week where their peers write about why they are special and this goes on display within the classroom.





KINGFISHERS 2015 - 2016:

End of Term 3 & 4 - Sea Adventures


We have almost reached the end of term 4 and our 'Sea Adventures' topic. The children have really enjoyed their learning this term, particularly because they planned it together at the beginning of the year.


Our visit to Chatham Dockyard was an exciting adventure for lots of the children and since returning we have written an excellent recount, a spooky story set on the HMS Ocelot and a fact file page for our class book.


Thank you to all of the parents who were able to come in and look at Kingfishers books and to see their work displayed in the hall at our recent Parent Consultations. I know that the children were keen to share with you their beautiful writing.


When we return from the Easter holidays, the children have a fantastic Science week to participate in that will include lots of opportunities for practical Science activities. After this, we will start our new topic… The Normans and 1066!


Have a lovely Easter break and I look forward to seeing the children back at school on Monday 11th April 2016.


Miss Cruikshank :) 


Our adventure to Chatham Historic Dockyard


On Thursday 10th March, the Kingfishers went by coach to Chatham. The children were able to climb onboard the HMS Gannet and HMS Cavalier and had a tour of the HMS Ocelot (a Cold War submarine). The class also got to visit the Victorian Ropery and see a huge collection of RNLI Lifeboats. 


Here are some photos of our fantastic day out!


IMG_0990 - Copy (2).JPG IMG_0997 - Copy.JPG IMG_1025.JPG

 IMG_2649.JPGIMG_2476.JPG IMG_2646.JPG

IMG_2716.JPG IMG_2634.JPG


To read our recounts of our day and to see more photographs, please take a look at our display board in the Hall next Tuesday and Wednesday during Parent's Consultations.




Term 1 & 2 – Kingfishers Best Bits


Our trip to The British Museum, London.


Our humanities topic this term is Ancient Egypt and we have been very busy taking part in lots of great activities to help us learn. On Monday 9th November, we went to London by train to visit the British Museum. We walked from London Charing Cross to the museum and enjoyed seeing the sites in London along the way. In the museum, we visited lots of the Ancient Egyptian galleries and took part in a treasure trail around some of the displays.



Key Stage 2 Cross Country Event – Frewen College.


The whole class went to Frewen College today to take part in an inter-school cross country event. The whole class completed the course and did a fantastic job cheering each other on. Well done to some of the Kingfishers who will now go onto run at a further cross country event in Hastings later in the term.



Writing in the Woods


During our first week back after half term, we took part in a whole school ‘Writing in the Woods’ week. Throughout the week, we spent time in the woodland area nearby to the school and used this as inspiration for woodland stories, den building and storytelling.  We got very muddy but the children had a fantastic time! If you would like to read some of the stories written by Kingfishers, please pop into the classroom.



Our classroom


Now we have reached the end of term, our classroom is overflowing with wonderful learning. The children have produced some excellent, high quality learning and we have displayed as much of this as possible. Our class novel, Varjak Paw, has been a big hit with the children. Although we are sad to have reached the end of our whole class novel (and we won’t spoil the ending if you haven’t read it!) the children are relieved to know the sequel is now available in the class book corner to borrow.

IMG_1819.JPG  IMG_1820.JPG


Thank you for all of your support so far this year. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas – Elf on the shelf has been watching the children since December 1st and I can confirm the children (although excited for Christmas) have worked hard.


Best wishes,


Miss Cruikshank​




September 2015


Welcome back Kingfishers! It sounds like you have all had a great summer holiday. There are lots of new routines this term so have a look at the grid below to help you remember what you need to bring to school each day.


What do I need..JPG 







      IMG_0029.JPGIMG_0311 (Medium).JPGIMG_0437 (Medium).JPGIMG_0354 (Medium).JPG  ​



For a fantastic class assembly on Friday 17th April. 

Your drama, reading, singing and dancing was super!


Scroll down to find out more :)

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Today we went to the Walled Garden in Hawkhurst to learn about how they grow thousands of plants from seeds every year. Have a look at some of the photos from our morning out. 

 Kingfishers @ the Walled Garden, Hawkhurst

Thank you to the parents who helped transport us there!​​​

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What are we up to in Term 5 and 6?

This term we are 'East Sussex Explorers'! 


We will be learning lots about our local area and the rest of the UK. We will be learning to map read, planting lots of plants during our Science lessons as well as creating some beautiful artwork through observational drawing. Towards the end of the term we will be learning about the smuggling history of Hastings and visiting some smuggling caves! To find out more you can download our topic map here: Topic Map - East Sussex Explorers.


IMG_1195.JPG IMG_1197.JPG IMG_1196.JPG



Recent News
​​Friday 20th March - Mrs V's Choir afternoon

​Well done to the Year 3 and 4 children who took part in the choir afternoon today, you sounded beautiful. You can watch some of the videos of the afternoon at the bottom of the page.
Choir Day (3).jpeg

Kingfishers adventure to Quex Park

We went off on safari to Quex Park and what an adventure we had! We saw a huge range of African animals and learnt about thier behaviour, diet and appearance. Manny, our safari guide, kitted us our with safari hats and bincoulars and we explored the different musuem exhibits. After lunch, the children had the opportunity to handle different artefacts.

 Kingfishers at Quex Park


Rural Arts/ICT Project​ - Tuesday 10th and 17th March

Riz, our visiting artist, is back in on this day to help us to create our sound scapes using our rural view and the tablet computers.​ Parents are welcome to pop in on Friday 27th March from 9.00am to come and view the work that the children have produced.


 Rural Arts/ICT Project


Curriculum Week - Term 4
During Curriculum Week the Kingfishers changed their topic and learnt all about Antartica and the Arctic. We packed our bags for our imaginary trip as well as conducting some very cold science experiments.

 Curriculum Week



Miss Blake

Staplecross MC Primary School


Information for parents and carers

Games to try: - times table games - look and write games for HFW and other phonics - first 100 HFW listen and spell games - next 200 HFW - year 3 and 4 statutory word list - CODING!


Below you can download copies of topic pages and letters

TOPIC PAGE AUTUMN 2016 - 2017.doc

First letter about HW etc.docx 

Topic page overview - AFRICA.doc


Don't forget...


- Homework - choose 2 homeworks from the homework grid stuck in their homework books


- x table tests THURSDAYS


- Spelling tests FRIDAYS


Remember to have...


- Your PE kit in school at all times (our lessons are on Wednesday and Friday). 


- EVERYDAY - Reading Book and Reading Record.


- FRIDAYS - Homework books in to stick in spellings and x table tests