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​​​​​​​​​​​                       WELCOME TO SWALLOWS​!​

We are a mixed Reception and Year 1 class of 28 children.

Mrs Glazier and Miss Buffery are our teachers and Mrs Hall and Mrs Petrou are our teaching assistants.

Thank you to everyone for coming to our phonics and maths workshop.  We hope that you found it useful.  PHONICS MEETING PPT.ppt  Please always come and see a member of staff if you have any questions in regard to your child's learning.   

​​Welcome to term 4.  We have already had a busy start to 2018 and are enjoying our inside and outside learning.  We had a fantastic winter walk in our local woods.  We have also really enjoyed learning about the world of bees following reading the book 'The bee who spoke'.  We even dressed up as bee keepers!                                     IMG_5689.JPG

photovisi-download.jpgNovember!  Here are some photos of what we have been doing this month.  We have been busy learning about 'People Who Help Us' and even had a visit from a policeman.  We have enjoyed sharing time with our year 6 buddies.


We had a fantastic morning at Tesco's 'Farm to Fork' trail.  The children learnt about where our food comes from and we had a behind the scenes tour. IMG_4916.JPG   IMG_4912.JPG


Remember our 'Welcome to school' assembly at 9:00 this Thursday for our new reception children.  After the assembly reception parents are invited to stay for a cup of tea and a chance to share their children's learning.  We hope you can make it!

Please have a look at this slide show - it shows some of the children's wonderful learning.

September 1 PPT.pptx

​​​Well done to all of the children for an amazing harvest service - they all did so well and sang beautifully!

IMG_4448.JPGOur new reception children!

We have had a fantastic start to the autumn term and all of the children are settling in well.  We are enjoying learning about autumn and our class topic 'All About Me.'

Dates to remember: Wednesday 27th September: Autumn walk in the woods - don't forget your wellies!

Friday 6th October: Harvest Festival at the church.




Image result for sunshineWe hope that you are all having a fantastic summer holiday!  In the Autumn term we are looking forward to welcoming all of our new reception children to the school.  We will be looking at our new topic 'All About Me' and we will share the Julia Donaldson book 'What the ladybird heard.' We will also have LOTS of fun!






Term 5 - We have created our own Space Station!  We even received an e-mail from an astronaut.

We have been learning about farming and different animals on the farm.

We all loved science week and took part in lots of science experiments. We had an amazing day at Hastings.

Photos to follow........


​We had a fantastic day at Mallydams RSPCA centre.  We learnt about wildlife, mini-beasts, habitats and even made shelters.  The weather was cold and the ground was covered in frost.  What an amazing day!

resized image.jpg


Important  November dates for your diaries!

  • Thursday 17th November - 3:30 - Phonics meeting for all reception and year 1 parents.
  • Wednesday 30th November - Our class trip to Mallydam's Wildlife Centre.

We are enjoying learning about weather and the seasons this term.  We are sharing the book Blue penguin.  This has produced thoughtful and powerful discussions from the class.


We are learning all about subtraction and have amazed our teachers with our skills! 

​​​Thank you to those who attended the phonics meeting.  Please see below for the powerpoint presentation.  There is a hand out in the classroom for all who could not attend.





We have had a busy and exciting start to the school year and are enjoying our topic this term 'All About Me'


IMG_1254.JPG                 IMG_1257.JPG                         IMG_1256.JPG

We have been using Numicon to help with our numbers and counting. 
















Our learning this term is all about "​ JOURNEYS"

 Learning Journey T3 & 4.docx

STARS OF THE WEEK                                     




Swallows Home Links Letters - Term 5

Please look at our weekly contact letter and let us know what you have been up to and share what your child has been learning at school.

Letters can be downloaded here and will also be given out as a paper copy in the book bags.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Each child needs a P.E kit at school. This includes shorts, t-shirt, black jogging bottoms / leggings and plimsolls. Please make sure that all clothes are clearly named. This term we will be using the field for P.E sessions as much as possible so children are welcome to wear trainers.


The children in Swallows took part in SCIENCE WEEK. We had real fun learning about all aspects of science. We made rockets that blasted off into the air, electrical circuits, boats that floated and parachutes as well as taking part in experiments involving colours and erupting volcanoes!

Thank you Fred for lending us your daddy - what a fantastic scientist! 


Our learning is based on the EYFS profile areas as well as including the requirements of the Year One National Curriculum.  We have a  child-centred, creative environment  where children are encouraged to be independent, resourceful and imaginative. We learn outside as much as possible and enjoy our lovely canopy all year round as well as our own little garden area.

This term we have been using sticks for imaginative play and have had great adventures!



Personal Social and Emotional Development 

The children play together and learn together. This term they are thinking about "Responsiblity and Cooperation.". The children have thought about how their actions effect their friends and family. We learn to respect each other and the classroom rules. They work towards achieving a class reward which they vote for. This term they have voted to have a movie afternoon in their pyjamas! Last term we had a cooking day to make food for a picnic and invited someone in our family. We also learn to keep ourselves safe but enjoy a little "risk taking" at the local park.



Communication ,Language and Literacy

We spend a lot of time talking! We also spend a lot of time listening to each other and sharing our news. We ask each other questions and work with talk partners every day so that we get to know everyone in the class. We love listening to stories and talking about books as well as performing through acting or using puppets. This term we are going to be learning lots of vocabulary about seasons, transport and plants so the children will be encouraged to use these words in our discussions and activities.



Physical Development

Swallows spend a lot of time outside where we ride bikes on the playground or climb on the timber trail. We also have P.E lessons in the hall where we use the apparatus. We have tried lots of different styles of dancing - this term we are going to have a go at cheerleading! We have lots of energy so we love to practise throwing and catching, skipping, hopping, jumping and running. We develop our gross motor skills and our fine motor skills in lots of different ways and we learn to look after ourselves and keep healthy.

 photo 1.png

keiran netball.pngwalking in tracks.pngjed and daniel on bikes.png

 Literacy: Reading and Writing

Every day we learn phonics through games and activities. We practise our letters and sounds so that we can use them in our reading and writing. The children read to each other and to the teachers. They read together and individually and they read big books, little books and e-books. We love reading! The whole class learn about a book together and then our writing comes from that text. We write stories, instructions, letters, recipes, reports, recounts and labels. We see ourselves as readers and writers as soon as we enter Swallows and we celebrate our achievements every day.

  olivver phonics.png

writing together.png    ​reading together.png​        phonics puzzle.png 



We learn maths through games and activities and by doing and explaining. We investigate and explore numbers, shapes, time and measures and make sure we use the correct mathematical words. The children think about how to add and subtract, double and halve and begin to appply their knowledge to problem-solving. We use our resources well to set up shops or make models using 3D shape and we look at patterns and relationships.

 01cee0eb3534e32819664b8ea48da8e4db018fd214 (2).jpg

IMG_0497 (2).jpg

IMG_0487 (2).jpg

IMG_0465 (2).jpg


 Understanding the World

We are explorers adn scientists! and we are always curious about the world around us. We love to use our senses to find out what is going on. This term we are learning about the how plants grow and the different plants and trees that we see around us. We ask questions and try to find the answer together.

We care about our planet - last year Swallows raised the money to adopt a polar bear from the World Wildlife Fund because we wanted to help endangered animals.


woodland wlak.png

william apple.pngelena forecaster.png


Our world is amazing! Swallows find other countries fascinating so we learn about different places, the weather that they have, what they grow and the animals that live there. We also find out about the people and think about what life might be like for them.


Expressive Arts and Design

The children in Swallows are always busy!  - busy painting, making, constructing, collaging, designing and creating. We love to see individual ideas and imagination so the children have plenty of independent child- initiated learning opportunities where they can experiment with a variety of materials and resources to foster those ideas.

This term we will look at Turners paintings and attempted to use his techniques and style. The children will be encouraged to offer their opinions about his work. 


woodland scuplture.png

woodem village.pngheart picture.pngkitty making.png


 We are the Swallows!






Mrs L. Royle
Staplecross MC Primary School​​