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Staplecross MCP School


​PE Statement 2016/7 - £8,438


Our children love all forms of physical activity and we are grateful for the improvements we have been able to make because of the additional funding from the Government.  Encouraging all children to benefit from different forms of PE is a vital part of our school aims.  It also supports our Curriculum in helping them understand the benefits to their health and well-being. 


This funding has helped us provide additional opportunities for all pupils, contributing to their social skills, as well as developing physical skills and abilities.  We work hard to attain our Sainsbury's Bronze Award for School Sport which reflects the amount of sporting opportunities we are able to provide.


Inter school sportContribution to Schools Games Partnership£400Opportunities for all pupils to participate in  gym, athletics, running, games participation at inter school level
 Transport£150Transport to enable KS2 to take part in Inter School Sports Athletics Tournament
Curriculum PESwimming coach£600Nine sessions of swimming for Key Stage 2: differentiated swimming groups to ensure effective teaching for competent to non-swimmers. 
 Brighton & Hove Albion Coach£1,291.67
  • Skills enhancement for staff
  • High quality PE lessons in:

       Tag Rugby



        Over the Net games
 Tennis nets and basketball posts £700Development of additional sports choices for all pupils
 Sport Safe  UK£32Ensuring all gym equipment safe for pupil use
 Hire of Village Hall£949Use of Village Hall for winter PE lessons
PlaytimesAssorted playtime equipment£64Access to playtime activities for all pupils
 Timber Trail safety check 

Opportunities for adventurous play for all pupils


 Training course of MDSAs£180Staff development to encourage different active play choices.
Extra Curricular ActivitiesBrighton & Hove Albion CoachSee above

Provision of free extra-curricular clubs for KS2:

     Tag Rugby


 Crowborough School of Dance£350Continued provision of free Dance Clubs for all pupils




Number of pupils participating in Extra Curricular Sports Clubs

Cross Country Club33  
Football KS1  29
Football KS216  
Dance (2 Clubs)1015
Summer/Winter games32  

 94% of pupils attended at least one of the above clubs during the year 2015/6.

All clubs are provided free of charge to the children.


Hard to reach pupils

Encouraging all pupils in a healthy, active lifestyle is an integral part of our school aims in developing their choices for the future.  As we plan different events during a school year, we look to include opportunities for every child to extend their experience of physical activities, their knowledge of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to enjoy the camaraderie of shared experiences and extend and challenge their own personal abilities.


This year, we participated in Sport Relief and planned a Sports Marathon afternoon where all pupils enjoyed the opportunity to join in with 9 different activities: volleyball, netball, hockey, cheerleading, yoga, cross country running, dance, baseball and crab football.


Future projects:


Terms 5 and 6 Athletics and cricket provided as curriculum sessions and extra-curricular club

MUGA contribution – tennis available for children and their families during the summer holidays

Alternative summer club to encourage physical activity: rambling, parachute



June 2016 Questionnaire to pupils with regard to alternative extra-curricular activities - results
  • Running club
  • Cross country club
  • Tennis club
  • A greater variety of sports offered during Summer/Winter games (golf, cricket rounders)