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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools so that they can support certain groups of pupils and close the attainment gap between them and their peers.

Pupil Premium is allocated to school for pupils in Years R to 6 who are known to be eligible for free school meals (FSM) or who have been eligible for free school meals in the past 6 years (Ever 6).

Pupil Premium is also allocated for children who have been looked after by the local authority (CLA).  In East Sussex, Pupil Premium for CLA is managed by the Virtual School for Children in Care.  A premium is also paid for children whose parents are currently in the Armed Forces.

Pupil Premium amounted to an additional £623 per pupil in 2012/3 and rose to £900 per pupil in 2013/4.  In 2014/5 this has risen again to £1,300 per pupil.  Schools received  £1,900 for each looked after pupil who:

  • Has been looked after for 1 day or more
  • Was adopted from care on or after 30 December 2005, or left care under a special guardianship order or a residence order

Our School

As a small, rural primary school with a mixed catchment area, we have relatively few children who are eligible for Pupil Premium.  Approximately 11% of our children are eligible for Pupil Premium funding.

 We believe that, in the interests of inclusion, our primary aim is to provide a high quality of experience and learning for all our pupils.  We track every child carefully, including our vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils, to ensure that they receive the best possible chances of academic and social success.

Much thought goes into our Action Plan for best possible use of our Pupil Premium money, linked to the key aims of our School Development Plan for enhanced learning opportunities.  This year we have aimed a significant amount our Pupil Premium at enhancing opportunities for enjoyment of Reading, spelling skills and enriched opportunities for Writing.  We also take into consideration how we can support disadvantaged pupils with regard to their pastoral care and equal opportunities to an enriched experience in other areas of school.

How much Pupil Premium to we receive?

In the financial year2014/5 (April 2013 – April 2014) the school received £6,500 in Pupil Premium.  

In this financial year (April 2015 – April 2016) we have received £12,575 in Pupil Premium funding.

How we did we spend the money (and why)

Last year (2014/5) we have used Pupil Premium for:

itemPurpose       cost
Laptops and phonic software

Consolidation of phonic skills for KS1

Improved ratios and access to ICT as learning tool

Guided reading setsInspiration for older boys      £155
Guided reading setsWider choice and enthusiasm for Year 3 and 4 readers      £200
Speech and Language Assessment Identification of speech and language needs for key children and strategies to improve      £600
Additional Teaching Assistant timeTo support key children in class lessons   £3,000

Maths training for all staff

(Brighton University)

Improved learning for all pupils, including Pupil Premium children     £500
Visit to school of Planetarium DomeInspiration and enthusiasm for all pupils     £295
Additional hour of SENTA time for after school sessionTargeted support for identified pupils in Year 3     £100
Talk tins/talking pointsResource for identified pupils to orally rehearse, record and remember their own sentences



Contribution to Breakfast Club Ensuring the well-being and readiness to learn for identified pupils      £100
Supply cover to release Maths subject leader for TA Training (calculation skills)Effective adult support for identified pupils.       £170



Due to the small number of children eligible for Pupil Premium, comparisons of attainment are kept broad.  Our disadvantaged pupils attain well in relation to National figures.

July 2014ReadingWritingMaths
National Average points progress for children in Year 2 NOT receiving PP17.015.616.7
Average points progress for children in Year 2 receiving PP19.717.719.0


July 2015ReadingWritingMaths
Year 2  - National   
Year 2 - school100% above ARE100% above ARE100% at ARE
Year 6  - National   
Year 6 - school100% at ARE100% at ARE100% at ARE


Looking Ahead

Planned use of Pupil Premium for 2015/6
Contribution towards support from Educational Psychologist serviceExpert support for identification and interventions for identified pupils   £800
Contribution to Library and Museum ServiceWell supported humanities resources for enriched learning opportunities for all   £800
Contribution towards SALT assessment and teaching programmesIntervention programmes implemented for key children.£1,000
Continuation of staff contracts where additional support deemed effective

Targeted interventions with clear outcomes for success:

After school Maths support

Reading comprehension support

Additional reading support

Social Skills/Talkabout groups


Continued contribution to Breakfast Club/After School Club/curricular eventsPerceived need for well-being and readiness to learn for key pupils£1,000
Additional good quality reading texts for key childrenEncouragement to select and read a wide range of quality texts for all abilities£1,000

Resourcing to implement multi-sensory programme

For Reception/Year 1

Early intervention for identify children £1,000
Spelling software programme for all year groupsConsolidation of spelling skills for all pupils (School Development Plan strategic aim)£1,975
Specialist advice through EBAS Personalised pastoral support for identified pupils £1,200