Kingfishers Class

Welcome to Kingfishers Class


We are a mixed age class of 4 and 5 children. The class teachers are Mr Corke and Ms Bradley and the learning support assistant is Mrs Petrou. Our classroom is at the top floor of the Victorian building. We are proud of our school and enjoy working hard. We enjoy our school environment and like learning through 'hands on' experience.   


The Ancient Egyptians

This term, the Kingfishers became historians and got very hands on with their learning. We welcomed two visitors from Ancient Egypt who helped transport us back in time to a world of pharaohs, mummification and pyramids. We became Egyptian slaves for the day, helping to grind grain to make wheat for bread, scraped chalk to make paint, weaved reeds to create mats to sleep on, crafted clay in to amulets and created a book of the dead to help the soul travel to the after-life.