Our Curriculum
Looking back to look forward
We believe in equipping our children for their future, reaching far into the twenty-first century.  We celebrate the present, are fascinated by the past and, in learning about both, we wonder at what lies ahead. How will these citizens shape the world for the better? An important element is our inclusion of Global Learning in each topic, where we open up children’s learning to include life in other cultures, countries and communities.
We follow the Revised National Curriculum 2014 and have developed an integrated Long Term Plan to best meet the needs of the learners in our school.  This is flexible in design and teachers enjoy reviewing and reinventing units of learning.  As we move towards federation, each school follows their own separate Curriculum but share ideas and resources where possible.
We use The Power of Reading as a way of engaging pupils in an integrated approach to Reading and Writing but only link texts to the rest of their topic, where it is relevant and meaningful.  Both schools use the White Rose Hub as their Maths scheme of work and are on a shared journey to develop secure Maths knowledge and reasoning skills for every child.
Each class experiences a balanced curriculum across a year, with Humanities and Science focussed topics.  We value all the expressive arts and appreciate the impact on children’s spiritual development if they can dance, paint and act out their understanding of the world.  Each topic engages with the past, present and future and invites the children to consider the links between all three, reflecting on how we can learn from the past to inform the future.