Robins Class

Welcome to Robins Class!

We are a mixed year 2 and 3 class.  The teachers are Mrs Tanner, Miss Bradley and Mr Corke.  Our learning support assistants are Mrs Davis, Mrs Hall and Mrs O'Brien.  Our curriculum is exciting, engaging and allows us to fulfill our potential! 

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Ways to help at home


The children need to learn their times tables and the target to progress to the next level is to complete the test (on Friday) in two minutes. There are websites that can help e.g timetablesme and hit the button. The government will be introducing a test in Year 4 and by then all children will be expected to know their tables to 12x 12...



Children need to bring their reading book in daily. We need to see the Reading Record signed by someone at home when a book has been read in order to change the book. Regular reading supports not only reading progress but writing as well.

Number Bonds

Practising bonds to 10 then 20 as mental arithmetic. I used to use car plate numbers as we walked and drove. The aim is for children to have these bonds as fast mental recall.

Spring Term 1 Robins

This term Robins class have been studying the First Moon landing, they have contributed to their learning by interviewing relatives who watched it happen as well as studying an original newspaper from 1969. In our science topic of Human Babies, the children wrote their own questions to ask our visitor and we had a lovely afternoon questioning Miss Blake whilst 10 week old Phoebe slept through almost the whole thing! In Literacy a highlight was our drama lesson on Cinderella, in which we found that Robins have some excellent actors who can improvise a very amusing performance.

Robins Curriculum overview for parents